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Pauline has spoken many times on BBC Radio and has taken questions live on local radio stations.  Pauline has also written articles in many publications. She has appeared in the Sunday Times and has also provided reference information to The Daily Mail, The Sun and News of the World.

"I found the Superconscious Communications session very useful and now feel very positive about the future. I am glad I have met you and you gave me such good advice. You are a gifted lady. Thank you again and I do feel so different."
Carol Andrews, Wimbledon, London

"All the work Pauline does comes together to provide a complete transformation.  I was amazed how genuine she is and how I have been changed emotionally, physically and spiritually." – Elizabeth, Kingston, Surrey

"Pauline has a wide range of skills which she incorporates to help you find solutions." – Ellie, Sutton

"Many thanks for doing the chart of my friend. She said it was the best birthday present" - Kate, Scotland

"Everything now makes sense. I cried when I read my chart. Thank you for your expert guidance" - Annabel, London

"After all my different therapies, your work made everything so clear" - Mark, Wimbledon

"You really put everything into place and it helped me understand the way forward" - Amanda, Surrey

"Our relationship is now working much better as our charts helped us see things more clearly" - Margaret and Roger, Scotland

"I knew it was right to make a move after my consultation" - Sonny, London

"Time with you was inspiring and life changing" - Pat, New York

"It was such synchronicity meeting you at the right time" - Heidi, Boston, USA.

"Your numerology chart was amazingly accurate" - Heather, Surrey

"Our session was great, I loved every minute. It was very powerful, and I really look forward to re-reading it all over and working on the exercises.  I feel it is all shifting in me and making me think, speak and react differently to my life situations and events" - Valerie, London




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