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soul coaching

What your soul wants you to know

Soul Coaching reaches into the depth of your true spirit.  It helps with

  • Seeking self worth and development
  • Inner wisdom and self transformation
  • Hidden patterns in your life that guide your thoughts and behaviours
  • Increasing your awareness
  • Creating the life you desire
  • Creating an environment that supports your goals and aspirations.

Soul Coaching opens the doors to your dreams. 

Soul Coaching creates a safe place within which you have an opportunity to listen to the deep wisdom of your being and discover the answers you need. It clears mental, emotional and physical clutter.

Is there something missing in your life?  You soul will tell you the truth.

You may have a goal or a dream that you desire and as a soul coach I assist you to reach your goal so you are inspired towards it rather than driven towards it.

Soul coaching is based on trust, communication and soulful connection.

Soul Coaching combines the essence of the four elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) with the power of life coaching skills, helping you to define a series of directions and clarity of purpose.  Together we create a life built around your values, a life in focus and in harmony with your soul.

Soul Coaching is available through one to one sessions in either a four week accelerated programme or in a four month programme. 

Through regular meetings or phone sessions and emails, using guided visualisations and workbooks, you are able to gain awareness into your inner most aspirations and desires.  You move at your own pace, choosing the level of involvement with each session.

There is no limit to your potential and what your soul wants you to be.

For more information, visit www.soul-coaching.com

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One to One coaching.  You sign up for a series of 8-10 sessions, lasting a couple of hours per session - £50 per hour to suit your timetable. Ideally 3 month contract at £500


the essence of the four elements


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