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Clear your subconscious. Change fear energies to love feelings and reboot your system

What is holding you back?  Is it money, relationships, health, low self esteem, depression, stress, fear, anger, weight?  The solution is SuperConnection (SC).


SC is the world’s first truly comprehensive self healing tool which can quickly free you of damaging life patterns, negative behaviours and deep emotional blocks in a speedy and cost effective way.

You can recreate a life that is totally you. Be more confident, calm, happy, healthier, attract money, feel supported, inspired. Create the life you want. Every question has one answer. Every challenge, every issue, has at least one solution.

SuperConnection helps each person access their superconscious mind.  Sometimes known as higher intelligence, higher self or inner wisdom.  With SC you can find the solutions.

Our present and out future are effected by our past.  Our past experiences with related thoughts and unresolved feelings will impact us in the now.  The clearer our past, the clearer and more free will be our present and our future. SC aims to guide you towards your superconscious power to bring about healing on all levels.  This can create change and transform your life.

SC can help with:

  • Why things are happening
  • Where the blocks are
  • Where you are emotionally
  • What you are attracting
  • What is out of balance
  • Your attitudes
  • Changing your fear based feelings into supported love feelings
  • Identifying your motivators
  • What needs are not being met
  • Relationship issues
  • What role are you playing
  • What you need to do to change your life
  • Identify your limiting beliefs
  • Money issues
  • What patterns are causing illness
  • Grief
  • Lifestyle priorities
  • Forgiveness
  • Your life path
  • Healing and balancing


Order now

Order your individual SC Report online now using PayPal, Mastercard or Visa accepted. Your report is personally prepared for you by Pauline Rose. After ordering, you will be contacted via email by Pauline for additional information needed to prepare your chart.

Reading £50 per hour

SC analysis, transmuting and rebooting - £50 per hour. Usually 2 hours.




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