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colour - indigo

Third Eye , brow and sixth chakra

Insight, visionary nature.  Hold your vision and others will follow.  Watch standing too far apart from others.  Be cut-off and isolated.  Let your hair down and have fun. Focussed intention.  Be true to your purpose and concentrate your vision.

Use indigo to:

  • Find a sense of calm
  • Bring more power and effectiveness to your communications
  • Feel the confidence and strength that other people sense you have and which you may not yet have felt able to access
  • See or understand more deeply some issue that is occupying your mind. Understand the causes of depression that pursues you from time to time
  • Ease headaches and sleeplessness
  • Get in touch with the authoritative aspect of yourself Know your own mind. Take full control of your life
  • Bring your dream to earth



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