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Pauline is a trained Colour Analyst. Originally trained by Colourworks in both the UK and South Africa. This company is now known as Colourmirrors.  

Colours are a mirror of your inner feelings and can influence the impact you have on yourself and others.  Pauline uses colour and can offer colour guidance to enhance yourself.

Colour will increase your potential and enhance your talents, gifts and personal power.  Colour also reflects patterns of behaviour.  Pauline also does colour card readings.

Effective use of colour and card readings £35.

More information on colour  - www.colourmirrors.com. Contacts are Meliissie Jolly or Moira Bush.

As a Colour Practitioner, I use colours to guide you on your path through life. A colour reading will reveal personal, emotional, physical and spiritual issues. It will help you identify strengths, patterns and highlight your journey. By using colours you rebalance your energy and open up healing and direction.

The changes are truly amazing and very powerful.

What is Colour Therapy?
You start your own colour treatment by selecting your colours for the day. Scientists have proven by putting a man in a red room his blood pressure rises. By using a blue room, his blood pressure goes down.

We take into our bodies a constant stream of colours all our lives. We are surrounded by the colours of nature. When we are stressed, tired or sick we are depleted in certain colours. Each part of your body has a specific colour and as a colour practitioner I am able to find out what colours you need.

Colour goes straight to the underlying issues we are not consciously aware of and allows us to change our cellular programmes. Scientists are now beginning to understand cellular memory and how ancient tools like colour can change your patterns and conditioning - like losing weight, letting go of victimhood, self judgment, poor relationships, money problems, guilt, etc.


Order now

Order your individual Colour Report online now using PayPal, Mastercard or Visa accepted. Your report is personally prepared for you by Pauline Rose. After ordering, you will be contacted via email by Pauline for additional information needed to prepare your chart.

Effective Use of Colour & Card Readings £35




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Why not consider a numerology or colour reading gift for a special occasion: birthdays, weddings, new borns ...


Black - below base chakra - Mystery and Potential. Self control  (new chakra)

Red - Base chakra - One - Strong roots - I have = primary centre of our physical energy

Orange - Sacral chakra - Two - friendly, enthusiastic, emotional - I feel = Colon and Digestive system

Pale Pink - Sacral sexual chakra - pure love (new chakra)

Yellow - Solar Plexus - Three - knowledge, creative, joyful - I feel = Mental and nervous system

Green - Heart - Four - balance, harmony - I love  = heart

Blue - Throat - Five - Communication, expression, active mind, impulsive - I speak = Throat

Indigo - Third Eye/Brow - Six - seeing, responsible, projection, intuition - I see = finer senses

Violet - Crown - Seven - knowing, spiritual - I know = balance between physical and spiritual concerns

White - Causal - all possibilities

Magenta - Soul Star - in harmony with soul (new chakra)

Gold - Gateway/Connection  to God/Source (new chakra)

Brown - Brown is a stable colour. It  represents earth and being grounded. About feeling safe


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