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Following a successful business career spanning 30 years in management and marketing, Pauline now brings the coaching, psychological and spiritual worlds together and applies it to helping people find their purpose in life.

Pauline is a qualified numerologist, professionally providing readings and charts for the last 15 years.  Pauline has a great passion for numerology and fully understands the energetic power of numbers.  

Everything can be measured in energy, vibration and frequency.  Pauline can find the key to your energy through your date of birth and your name. Numerology is invaluable in knowing yourself and understanding the journey you are on, your patterns of behaviour and the lessons along the way.  

Pauline studied Numerology at the Connaissance School of Numerology in the UK and has many worldwide clients. Pauline has a Diploma from the Association Internationale de Numerologues.  Her charts are extensive and her workshops inspiring.

Numerology can provide your purpose in life, your goals, your influencers, your inner and outer personalities, strengths and weaknesses, habits and repeating patterns, gifts and challenges – all of which effect your experiences throughout your life – all from date of birth and name.

Pauline is also a soul coach and general life coach. Pauline practices NLP, colour analysis, works with astrology and now is a Superconscious Communications Consultant.  Pauline also reads cards, uses flower essences, works with her intuition and has studied archetypes.

As a certified Soul Coach, trained under Denise Linn in California, USA, Pauline works with individuals to bring balance into their lives to ensure all is well emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

As a SuperConnection Consultant (SC) Pauline is excited about helping people create the life they deserve by connecting individuals to their own inner wisdom/ superconscious mind which will provide all the answers they are looking for. Pauline trained with SuperConnection.World in Detling, Kent. See www.superconnection.world for further information.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) – Pauline trained with Helford 2000 Limited and professionally uses NLP techniques to resolve problems, remove fears and change perceptions.

Astrology – Pauline now incorporates astrological information with her numerology readings or charts.  Both complement each other and bring together two sciences which reinforce the valuable information given to the client.

Colour – Pauline is a colour analyst trained in the UK and South Africa under Colourworks now known as Colourmirrors. Colour plays an important part in our lives and Pauline fully understands its influences and how it can help clients.

Pauline is also a Reiki Master, general life coach, does card readings and works closely with her inner intuitive.  

Over the years Pauline has read and travelled extensively. Pauline is interested in psychology, communications, coaching and spirituality.  She has attended many workshops worldwide on intuition, coaching, communications, symbology, astrology, mindfulness, archetypes, angels and many more.  Pauline has trained with and met in person Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Diana Cooper, Caroline Myss, Gary Renard, Dr Christine Page, Gregg Braden, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Paul Mckenna and now wants to pass on her experiences to others.

As well as 30 years in business management, Pauline also has personal interests in music, singing, amateur dramatics, swimming, reading, writing and walking and has a real love of nature and animals.

For further information email:
Pauline@findyourpurpose.co.uk or paulinerose25@gmail.com
Telephone +44 (0)208 337 2313 or +44 (0)7802 158389

Pauline Rose
Pauline Rose Dip.AIN, CSC, SCC Consultant, CCP




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