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find your purpose


Find out how to transform your life, find your passion - enjoy your life to the full.

I believe in the wonder of life and my mission is to bring magic into your life and show you how to find yourself and your purpose-driven life. 

  • Discover your life path and the gifts you have been given to achieve this - your own individual Numerology chart will give you the answers you need

  • Let Soul Coaching balance you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Helps you to understand messages from your soul

  • Neuro-linguistic programming - remove your fears and change your beliefs by using NLP processes

  • Clear negative energies - through the brilliance of SC (SuperConnection). Removes false limiting beliefs and changes to transformed supporting beliefs.  Fully understand the steps to create a new you.  Realise why your needs are not being met.

  • Use Colour for healing, messages and image.

  • Use the Bach Flower essences for emotional healing and support as you heal and change.

  • Astrology – see how your personalised astrological signs impact you and your view of life.

I believe all of the above are skills which enable me to work with you as a professional life coach, so you truly realise your life's purpose.

Pauline Rose
Pauline Rose Dip.AIN, CSC, SC Consultant, CCP




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